Training vs Exercise – Benefits of having a trainer

These terms seem to be interchanged a lot, however they are quite different, lets define both terms:

Training: accumulated and specific stress adaptations that produce specific and desired result, goal is to get better at something

Exercise: Non-specific and short term goals of moving around, burning calories, and getting sweaty

The goal of exercise is simple, it keeps you healthy. Get some activity throughout the week in order to promote general health. Which is great and all, but if your goal is to lose fat and gain muscle, you should consider starting a training program that has a goal that you desire and work towards that.

Whether your goal is to be faster, stronger, leaner or more muscular. YOU NEED TO BE TRAINING.

Making progress in the gym involves routinely putting your body under increased amounts of tension, and forcing it to adapt.

And this is probably why you aren’t seeing results at the gym…

You are hoping to achieve results that only training can offer, but are unwittingly exercising instead. Your mindset and goals aren’t in alignment.

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Anil Pal