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Being a fitness professional for more than 4 years. I understand the difficulty of starting a workout regimen. With all of the misinformation out there, it is very easy to become overwhelmed.

You are the only thing holding yourself back from reaching what you want, whether that is losing 50 lbs, getting six pack abs or whatever goal you decide to pursue. Free yourself from the limitations you placed upon yourself. There is nothing holding you back. Let me help you in finding out what you are truly capable of.

One of my favorite quotes is “Man’s greatest burden is unfulfilled potential”. Ask yourself, would you rather convince yourself this isn’t something you want? Or realizing later in life that you should have taken action? Let me help guide you in discovering your potential.

Now here’s a little bit about how I approach training. My main training philosophy is that you don’t have to be extreme, just consistent. Fitness should enhance your life, not consume it. With my athletes, I take a holistic approach. No matter what your goals are, injury prevention and proper movement patterns are key to long term sustainability. In the beginning I focus on identifying faulty motor patterns, mobility deficits, and strength imbalances that could not only injure you, but slow down your progress toward your more direct goal as well.

It isn’t just enough to work hard; you have to work hard and smart. My ultimate goal is to provide the knowledge that you need in order to get you to your goals efficiently and effectively. Whether your goals are to build muscle, lose fat or increase athletic performance. That is my commitment to you. Thank you for your time.

Anil Pal

What Clients are saying about anil Pal

Client Testimonials

He is absolutely the best trainer I’ve ever had. I’ve never experienced an injury after training with him. I’ve had trainer’s in the past that have pushed me too hard and my recovery time is days and I end up having to go to physical therapy or needing medical help. My physical body for my age has never looked so good and I have Anil to thank for this. If you want a great physical strong body he’s your trainer, look no further.

Kelly Hladis

Anil has been training my young teenage son for a couple of years now. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to personal training and knows how to inspire a young mind. He has made a big difference in my son’s overall self-confidence and tennis performance. Anil is very respectful, punctual and teaches not only about exercise but also diet, recovery and overall healthy lifestyle. We are very happy to have him as our trainer and I would recommend him to anyone.

Angelika Daniel

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