Yes, Yoga will indeed make you grow more Muscle and make you Stronger.


In order to understand how this works, we first must break down the nervous system and its role in the Muscle/Strength building process. Lets breakdown how Muscle Growth/Strength gains occur:

Recovery: Nutrition/Sleep/Overall Stress Levels Adaptation: Gainz

Lets focus on the Recovery part of this equation. Adaptation will only occur if

your recovery is sufficient, meaning that if your Sleep/Nutrition and Overall Stress Levels are poor/not optimal then you are limiting yourself to how much muscle/strength you are gaining, if you are gaining at all.

In my experience with training clients, people struggle MOST with overall stress levels, which makes sense, our lives are filled with many stressors that can become difficult to manage.

Now before we get into how yoga can help with this, let’s dive a little into the nervous system, there are 2 Parts to your Nervous Sympathetic and Parasympathetic.

Sympathetic Nervous System: Fight or Flight Parasympathetic Nervous System: Rest and Digest

In an Ideal Situation, You should be sympathetic during training and parasympathetic during the rest of the day. Unfortunately this is not the case for most people, most people live in a state of chronic stress, whether it’s school, work, relationships or something else. If you’re not in a parasympathetic state for a long enough time, you will not make the gainz that you would like too.

Alright now that we’ve established the basics, let’s get into how yoga can help with this. Yoga is a powerful antidote to stress because it down-regulates the sympathetic nervous system and up-regulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for rest, digestion,

energy conservation and slowing the heart rate. Many Bodybuilders have done Yoga for this specific reason, guys like Ben Pakulski and many others.

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Anil Pal